The Shepherds’ Trust Collection Weekend

Posted : Nov-09-2022

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This weekend (November 12/13) is the annual special collection for The Shepherds’ Trust.

The Shepherds’ Trust supports the needs of the retired diocesan clergy of the Archdiocese of Toronto who have served our family of faith – faithful shepherds bringing us the sacraments and enriching our parishes, homes, schools, hospitals and countless other gatherings through their ministry.

Fr. Vitaliano Papais is one such faithful shepherd. He is a retired priest leading an active retirement who continues to serve our community of faith. To read more about Fr. Papais' ministry, please click here

The Shepherds' Trust cares for retired priests who have always cared for us.

If you're able, please visit to learn more about the work of The Shepherds’ Trust (including a historical snapshot and Frequently Asked Questions) and how you can support this worthy cause.