Parish History




(Adapted from the Silver Anniversary Souvenir Program)


On June 16, 1973, St. Anne’s Parish was canonically erected as a new parish in the Archdiocese of Toronto.  Fr. James K. Stephenson was assigned as the first Pastor. Inaugural Masses were celebrated on Saturday at St. Anne’s School and Sunday at Central Peel Secondary School. There were 800 families in the parish and during the first year, there were 29 Baptisms, 2 Weddings, and 3 Funerals.

Fr. C.W. Sullivan and St. Stephen's Schools were both opened in 1976. In the same year 1.7 acres of land, formerly Adams Family Farm, was purchased at the cost of 101,763.09 for the new church.

The first Mass was celebrated in the new church on June 1, 1978. The church building was designed by architect John Farrugia at the cost of 550,000.00 to complete. The seating capacity of the church was estimated at 780 persons. St. Joachim School opened in the same year. On October 1st, the new church was blessed by Cardinal Carter.

Fr. L. Dugo was assigned as Pastor in 1980 but was replaced by Fr. Michael Grace from 1980-1984.

Pastoral Coordinators were commissioned in 1982 – JoAnne Wyman (First Holy Communion), Sr. Audrey Doetzel (RCIA), Sandy Faux (Confirmation), Gillian Federico (Baptism).

Our Lady of Fatima School opened in 1983

The beautiful Stained Glass Cross in the sanctuary, donated by the Ladies Auxiliary was installed in 1984. Joyce Campbell joined the Pastoral Team in the same year. 

John Daigle was the first parishioner of St. Anne's to be ordained a Permanent Deacon in 1985. 

Fr. Gerald Dunn was assigned as Pastor from 1985 -1989.

Rejeanne Stuart replaced Joyce Campbell on the Pastoral Team in 1987

Fr. Paul Zimmer was assigned as Pastor from 1989-1995.

The Oak Wall Consoles for the new Stations of the Cross were built and donated in 1991 by Gaetan Abela, a parishioner. Five stained glass windows were installed: St. Mark was   donated by the Di Mondo Family, St. Matthew by the Pereira Family, St. Michael by the families of Alice Irving and Cathy Clark, St. John by the Sandford Family and St. Luke by the Campbell Family 

In 1991, our wooden pulpit and altar were designed, constructed, and donated by parishioner, Bill, May, and Emily Corcoran. Three additional stained glass windows were installed. St. Joachim was donated by K of C Heart Lake Council, St. Anne by K of C Brampton Council, Blessed Virgin with Child by St. Anne’s Ladies Auxiliary

Dominic Luciano, a parishioner, volunteered his time and crew to paint the church interior and a stand of votive candles was installed in 1992.

Fathers John Lescard, Mark Van Patten, and Giorgio Di Cicco, all former Seminarians at St. Anne's were ordained to the Priesthood in 1993.

In 1994, Louise Saulnier, active in the music ministry at St. Anne's, moved to New Brunswick. The Procia family was one of two families chosen by the Archdiocese of Toronto to visit Rome in this the “International Year of the Family”.

Fr. Gerry Legge was assigned as Pastor from 1995-2002.

Fr. Paul Johnston, son of parishioners James & Nora Johnston, was ordained in St. Anne's Church by Bishop Robert Clune to the Priesthood for the Missionaries of Africa, in 1995.

In 1996 - Lou Bell, Principal of Our Lady of Fatima School retired. Mr. Bell served at various times as principal in all four schools in St. Anne's Parish. Fr. Darrin Corkum, a former Seminarian, was ordained to the Priesthood.

St. Maria Goretti School opened Fall of 1996 and was dedicated in 1997

In 1998, the Silver Anniversary milestone celebrated twenty-five years of caring and sharing.



Fr. Damian Ali was assigned as Pastor from 2002-2012.:

  • He had the Stained glass windows installed at the east side of the church and the lighting behind the Stained Glass Cross mounted.
  • Commissioned & bought from Italy the white St Anne statue inside the church.
  • Established the K of Columbus and CWL
  • Together with the Knights, he organized the Mass For The Unborn and a reception with a baby shower, and all gifts going to Birthright; also with the Knights the statue of Mary was bought and installed at the entrance, in honour of the unborn. 
  • Started Divine Mercy Sunday 3:00 pm masses and Novenas to Divine Mercy, the Holy Spirit, St. Anne, and the Immaculate Conception.
  • Moved St. Anne’s Feast Day to July, and spread it out over three days with masses, an outdoor procession, food and entertainment.
  • Worked with the principal of St Ursula School to obtain the statue of St Ursula
  • The Air Conditioning was installed with help from the “Ban the Fan” fundraiser and the church roof was replaced.
  • Aside from the usual church building upkeep and maintenance, he had repairs done on the parking lot, installed a security system, and raised funds for the tiling of the church.
  • He sowed the seeds for a vibrant youth program after World Youth Day 2002 in Toronto. He looked for every opportunity to bring the parish together spiritually and socially.


Fr. Ed Murphy was assigned as interim Pastor for 6 months in 2012.

  • He did just some minor changes.


Fr. James Cherickal was assigned as Pastor from 2012-2018

  • Maintained essential spiritual activities in church like Lenten Missions, Bible Study and others.
  • During the Year of Faith 2013, St. Anne’s Year of Faith Series was organized bringing in some great presenters or speakers.
  • Moved the feast day from July to September.
  • Implemented the Family of Faith Capital Campaign that help financed church projects.
  • Some minor fundraisers were also made for building projects and parish ministries.
  • Here are many projects accomplished during his term: continued church tiling project started during Fr. Damian’s time; Anne’s sign at the front lawn; Canadian and Vatican Flagpoles at the front lawn; installed new cabinets in the office; purchased two angels and 6 Altar candle stands for the sanctuary; wooden background of the cross in church; stations of the cross mounting; new altar, new Ambo, new Baptismal Font, and tabernacle relocation; wooden shrine of St. Anne’s; upgraded church sound system; projectors in church and meeting rooms; St. Joseph Statue, Our Lady of Fatima, and Statue of Our Lady of Mount Carmel; five new kneelers for the shrines; TV display in the foyer; revamping and upgrading the computer system; installation of the security cameras; renovation of the washrooms; tiling of the hallway, foyer, and office area; converted Boardroom into Faith Formation Office; renovation of the house kitchen; new freezer and new fridge for Parish use; widening of Exit Lanes.
  • He was instrumental in furthering the growth and development of the Youth Ministry program.


Fr. Joel B. Pabilona, Jr. was assigned as Pastor in 2018 to the present

  • Maintained the Liturgical, Catechetical, Social, Temporal, and Youth ministries in the parish.
  • The Religious Store income helped purchase sacred vessels, processional cross and candles, priest vestments, priest’s podium, gowns for Extraordinary Ministers of the Eucharist and Altar Servers and more.
  • The Parish Building Maintenance Committee accomplished the following: restoration of the church doors project inherited from Fr. James; replacement HVAC equipment and water heater; minor repairs on the roof of the Stephenson room; added the sanctuary railings; some parking lot maintenance; replaced the chimney on the Stephenson room roof; repaired the white cross on the wall outside the church; some driveway and parking lot led lights updated or restored; installed livestreaming equipment; VOIP phone system installed; converted ground floor guest suite into a Prayer Room and Counter’s room; and other regular building maintenance and minor repairs.
  • Participated in the Stewardship Program of the Archdiocese; Heralds of the Gospels introduced the Apostolate of the Shrine; the formation of the Moms Group; the Travelling Chalice program for vocations. Our Lady of the Rosary Pilgrim statue (2000 Hail Mary’s Devotion) and Padre Pio picture were donated.
  • Almost 3 challenging years due to Covid19 pandemic beginning in his second year in 2019.
  • Major fundraisers for the Car Garage Project and the Golden Anniversary Projects.
  • Launch the Golden Anniversary celebration during the Feast of St. Anne on July 24, 2022.
  • Parish Motto Contest in connection with the Golden Anniversary won by K of C - "Community. Adoration. Service."
  • Golden Anniversary Projects: repainting the church and retouching and repairing the pews.
  • Blessing and Groundbreaking Ceremony of the 2-Car Garage Project on April 28, 2023.

The Golden Anniversary of the parish was celebrated on the Feast Day of St. Anne on July 23, 2023.



1973 – 1980  Father James K. Stephenson (Founding Pastor)

1976 – 1972  Sr. Janet Fraser (Pastoral Worker)

1978 – 1979  Sr. Lorraine Malo (Pastoral Worker)

1978 – 1988  Rev. Vince Daigle (Permanent Deacon)

1978 – 1979  Fr. Louis-Philippe Halle (Associate Pastor)

1979 – 1980  Fr. Philip Wiley (Associate Pastor)

1980 – 1982  Fr. Vid Vlasic (Associate Pastor)

1980               Fr. L. Dugo (Pastor)

1980 – 1984  Fr. Michael Grace (Pastor)

1981              Rev. J. Lawrence (Permanent Deacon)

1981 - 1988  Rev. Tony Sandford (Permanent Deacon)

1981 – 1982  Fr. Patrick O'Dea (Associate Pastor)

1982 – 1983  Fr. Paul Sebor (Associate Pastor)

1983 – 1988  Fr. Philip Kennedy (Associate Pastor)

1984 - 1986  Sr. Audrey Doetzel (Pastoral Worker)

1984 – 1985  Fr. R. Skumavc (Associate Pastor)

1985 – 1991  Rev. John Daigle (Permanent Deacon

1985 – 1989  Fr. Gerald F. Dunn (Pastor)

1985 – 1988  Fr. Blas Briones (Associate Pastor)

1989 – 1991  Dr. Peter Gittens (Permanent Deacon)                                                                                         



1989 – 1995  Fr. Paul Zimmer (Pastor)

1992 -1993  Fr. Paul Gaudet (Associate Pastor)

1993 – 1994  Fr. Brian Shea (Associate Pastor)

1994 – 1995  Fr. Pier-Giorgio DiCicco (Associate Pastor)

1995 – 2002  Fr. Gerry Legge (Pastor)

1995 – 1997  Fr. Octavio Beltran (Associate Pastor)

1997 – 1999  Fr. Arnel Barrameda (Associate Pastor)

2002 – 2012  Fr. Damian Ali (Pastor)

2002 - 2019  Rev. Carlos Nogueira (Deacon)

2004 – 2007  Fr. Peter Yoo Sang Choi (Associate Pastor)

2004 - 2012  Rev. Re. Frank Siriani (Deacon)

2007 – 2010  Fr. Leo Lllames (Associate Pastor)

2012 January - June Fr. Ed Murphy (Interim Pastor)

2012 – 2018  Fr. James Cherickal (Pastor)

2012 – 2014 Fr. Magyar Paul (Associate Pastor)

2014 – 2016  Fr. Francesco Marrone (Associate Pastor)

2016 – 2019 Fr. Jibin Joy (Associate Pastor)

2018 --------  Fr. Joel B. Pabilona, Jr. (Pastor)

2019 – 2022  Fr. Anish Thiruthalil (Associate Pastor)

2022 --------  Fr. Jobby Muppathiyil (Associate Pastor)