Sposi Novelli Newlywed Blessing

Posted : Aug-22-2022

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With wedding season in full swing, some newlyweds are starting their marriage off in a special way – with a visit to the Vatican to receive a blessing from the Pope. The sposi novelli blessing for newlyweds takes place at the end of Wednesday’s general audience at the Vatican.

Below are some tips if you or someone you know is considering taking part in this once-in-a-lifetime journey.

Be aware of the time constraints

The newlywed blessing is available to couples within two months of their wedding date (although some flexibility may be granted, depending on the situation).

Order tickets ahead of time

Pilgrims are asked to send their ticket requests at least two weeks before the date of the audience they wish to attend. Tickets are handled through The Pontifical North American College, which you can contact by emailing: As a Canadian, be sure to include your postal code. Once you’ve received an email confirmation, tickets for the general audience are distributed in-person at the offices of The Pontifical North American College on Via dell Umilta, 30 from 3 to 4 p.m. on the Tuesday afternoon before the audience. Tickets are free. Be sure to bring along your Marriage Certificate.

Dress appropriately

To sit in the sposi novelli section, the couple must be dressed in their wedding attire (or a similar long white dress with covered shoulders and veil for the bride and a suit with jacket and tie for the groom). 

It’s going to be hot

Since you’ll be seated in St. Peter’s Square, keep in mind there’s no protection from sun or rain. Bringing an umbrella will help to protect you from the elements.

Show up early  

You won’t be the only ones with a ticket – so be sure to show up early if you’d like a spot near the front. The closer you are to the front, the better your odds of meeting the Pope. 

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